SEO is like Formula 1

Whoever wants to win – whether on the racetrack or in Google SERPS, needs more than passing luck:

  • a Masterplan for the whole season
  • a clever strategy for every race
  • a perfect qualifying for the pole position
  • an experienced team that makes no mistakes
  • new updates and improved configurations for each race
  • the best engineers constantly driving forward improvements
  • a driver who knows how to use the full potential of the car and turns this into victory.

Among the 10 best in a Formula 1 race or the Google top 10 - it is often only details which decide over success or defeat.

The highest number of points, that is the best Google ranking, goes to whoever can influence the most of the parameters in his favor. From the strategy which must adjust to the constantly changing Google parameters, through correct timing to the optimal snippet design.

Why you should go to the starting line with the SEO agency seo|maxx?

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